Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

I have a couple of articles in the works that I am looking forward to publishing over the next week, including food recommendations, cultural insights and some fun activities in Taipei, as well as an awesome day trip for those of you based out of Taipei. I have to apologize for not posting anything new over the past few days, but don’t get all huffy-puffy! It’s not like I’ve just been sitting around goofing off, playing video games…not the whole time anyway! I have been working diligently on my Free Mandarin course, and I am happy to inform you that as a few moments ago the first five lessons of the program are finished and polished to perfection (or do my ego tells me!)…you be the judge! I will start work on recording all of the audio files tomorrow, so hang in there! Good things come to those who wait!



I found the Farside comic strip here:



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