A Few Observations



(Tearing up the slopes on my family ski trip. It’s good to be back home!)


Hey everyone, guess who’s back! I’m sorry for my long absence, but I have been really busy. Over the past few months I have moved back to Texas, and I have been super busy with family and taking care of Ruby’s immigration( we’ve been waiting seven months, but we’re almost there!). Living in America has taken a lot of getting used to after my five years in Taiwan, so today, I am going to share a few of my observations. 

1. Everyone speaks English!   Well, not everyone, but it has been crazy having the dominant language surrounding me switch back to English.
2. I still think and respond to my family in Chinese sometimes. When I want to thank someone, my first instinct is still to say 謝謝.
3. Everyone drinks ice cold drinks even when it’s freezing outside. I had to go to Starbucks when I was out the other day to get a hot tea.
4. The portion sizes at restaurants here are ridiculous. I ordered fajitas for one at a Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago and made it last me for three meals!
5. I’m no longer the token white guy. America is so much more culturally  diverse than Taiwan is.
Just sharing a few thoughts and observations I’ve been having. Coming back to Texas after being gone so long, I have experienced “reverse culture shock”. It’s been quite an interesting experience when you feel like a stranger in your own home town.
Have you ever had an experience like this? Please share it below!

5 thoughts on “A Few Observations

  1. mei

    Next time you come to Taiwan, I should buy you a cup of 薑茶 to remind you the cold days you have experienced in Taiwan.


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