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Guest post on Chinese-tools

Hey guys, I just wanted to let y’all know about an article that I wrote as a guest post for earlier this week. It has some pretty powerful ideas for how you can keep from plateuing in your Chinese learning. And it will also remind you what is really important, and why you’re learning Chinese to begin with.

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Let me know what you think.

Which idea was the most helpful?

What do you do when the going gets tough to keep progressing?

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Lesson 15: Five Essential Chinese Phrases

These five phrases are essential, especially if you ever plan to visit a Chinese speaking country as a tourist, or even live in one. Armed with these phrases, you will come across as a very polite, respectful and well-mannered individual, and I wouldn’t be surprise if you found the local people going out of their way to help you. So pay attention! Also, let me know how this lesson helped you, and if there are any other phrases that you just have to know. Study hard and I’ll see you next time!


jiè guò yī xià 。

Excuse me.

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5 things you should expect from your language exchange partner

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to waste time thinking about things like how your language exchange partner should behave, because they’d be perfect! If that’s the case, then good or you! If, however, you’re stuck down here on Earth like the rest of us, then pay attention. This article may save you some headaches, and heartbreaks, lol!

1. Patience

This is super important, because when you first begin speaking a new language, it’s very difficult to make yourself coherent, and chances are you are going to have to repeat yourself A LOT in order to get your meaning through. Don’t let this discourage you, is part of the learning process! If you have a language exchange partner that is immediately or reacting you, not trying to understand what you are trying to say, or sort of all, laughs at your attempts to peak their language(unless they explain a joke of some sort, maybe a lingual mishap on your part, I’ve had some!), then you should kick them to the curb, they aren’t helping you learn!

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A Special Surprise For My Loyal Readers!


Hey guys! Today I am excited to tell you all about a project that I have been working very hard on(just one of several projects, actually!) and that is a more professional home for all of my writing on the internet. Go here and check out NOW! I will be updating this site regularly and am hard at work creating tons of new content, especially free Chinese learning resources, to make sure that there is no lack for good reading material. So go there now and make sure to sign up on my mail-list and get your FREE copy of my 7 day Chinese E-Course!!! Until next time, 再見!

Another 10 Foods You Ought to Try in Taiwan

Due to the popularity of my last post on Taiwanese food, 10 Foods You Must Try in Taiwan, I have decided to write an article detailing 10 more of the best foods to try while you are in Taiwan. So, without further ado…
1. Oyster pancakes- Sorry Aunt Jemima, we won’t be needing any syrup up on these pancakes! Made with eggs and fresh oysters, these are one night market snack you have to try!
2. Bolo bread- Best when fresh out of the oven and filled with butter, this warm, tasty treat is just what the doctor ordered…on second though, don’t mention it to your doctor, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt you!
3. Saweima- Hailing from the middle east, Saweima is another food that is not ethnically Tawanese, though you can find it in night markets all over the island. This simple, yet elegant dish is prepared by slicing slivers of chicken from a spit, adding onions, lettuce and several other possible toppings like pepper, ketchup and mayonnaise and then scorching the bread until its nice and crispy. Many stands also have the option to add cheese or an egg for an extra charge. You can usually get them for 40 NT, and some places have special prices for buying three at a time.
4. Grilled squid- Most Westerners are slightly taken aback when they first see this dish, but trust me, it’s delicious! Grilled squid can sometimes be a little pricey, but it’s worth it.
5. Digua Qiu- Holy chewy, fried balls Batman! These sweet potato balls are awesome. Just make sure that you don’t forget to sprinkle (pour in my case) on some sour plum powder. It makes for a great contrast of flavors!
6. Wild-boar sausage- How’s it shakin bacon? This ain’t your run of the mill sausages. Boar meat is a lot leaner than regular old pork, and has a unique flavor that you you really must try, especially glazed in Taiwanese BBQ sauce, yum!
7. Kao digua- There was a time when Chinese families ate rice only as a luxury, and survived off of the humble sweet potato as a major staple of their diet. Well, nowadays people still eat it, because its both delicious and nutritious, and especially good to eat during the winter! The price will vary depending on the weight, but rest assured, you’ll get a full belly with change to spare!
8. Oyster noodles- Oh a mi swa is the name for this dish in Taiwanese, and that is what you will hear people call it, even if they don’t speak Taiwanese well! The dish consists of oysters and mian xian, a thin, clear kind of noodle. It is commonly served with pigs blood cake and pig intestines, so not for the feint of heart!
9. Luogen mian- My namesake, this is one tasty dish! It consists of pork that is mixed with flour into log-like shapes, noodles and a thick, sticky soup. It’s delicious and will only run you around 45 NT.
10. Tianbula- Fried, grilled or boiled, get it however you can! This delicious dish is made from fish and flour and it is not to be missed!

A Few Observations



(Tearing up the slopes on my family ski trip. It’s good to be back home!)


Hey everyone, guess who’s back! I’m sorry for my long absence, but I have been really busy. Over the past few months I have moved back to Texas, and I have been super busy with family and taking care of Ruby’s immigration( we’ve been waiting seven months, but we’re almost there!). Living in America has taken a lot of getting used to after my five years in Taiwan, so today, I am going to share a few of my observations. 

1. Everyone speaks English!   Well, not everyone, but it has been crazy having the dominant language surrounding me switch back to English.
2. I still think and respond to my family in Chinese sometimes. When I want to thank someone, my first instinct is still to say 謝謝.
3. Everyone drinks ice cold drinks even when it’s freezing outside. I had to go to Starbucks when I was out the other day to get a hot tea.
4. The portion sizes at restaurants here are ridiculous. I ordered fajitas for one at a Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago and made it last me for three meals!
5. I’m no longer the token white guy. America is so much more culturally  diverse than Taiwan is.
Just sharing a few thoughts and observations I’ve been having. Coming back to Texas after being gone so long, I have experienced “reverse culture shock”. It’s been quite an interesting experience when you feel like a stranger in your own home town.
Have you ever had an experience like this? Please share it below!