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Episode 2- A Few Words on Healthcare

This week Ruby and I discuss the differences between Taiwanese and American healthcare and our experiences with both systems…I also let you in on one of the most utterly shameful (and expensive) moments of my life. And if that’s not enough,  my dog, Popcorn makes an unexpected appearance! But first, if you haven’t checked out our last episode, watch it here. Enjoy, and feel free to laugh at my expense, go ahead! You have my blessing.


Episode 1- A Few Observations

In this video, Ruby and I discuss a few of the differences between life in America and life in Taiwan. We talk about the difference in modes of transportation, convenience in getting around the city and taking care of your daily errands. We even briefly discuss Chinese food and touch on the services offered in 7-11 and how they differ in the two countries. Watch and enjoy!

This was our first time recording, and neither of us are used to being on camera. Here’s an out-take from one of many attempts at shooting this clip!

I hope you enjoyed that and had a good laugh(with me, not at me!). Stay tuned for our next installment in the series!